Doing a job and doing it right are two different expressions. MISPL has followed stringent commitment in doing things the right way. The mission is evident through our fabrication services where we commit to high quality fabrication, products and customer service. With our heavy engineering plants located in Bhilai, we possess the capability to deliver a comprehensive and integrated solution to design, construction and customized fabrication services. We have fabrication capacity of 500 MT Monthly. Our major engineering work include boiler structural components, auto weld beams and column fabrication and assembly and general fabrication, we are also catering to Steel, Cement, Power, Irrigation and Mining Sector. We continuously innovate and induct the latest technologies in our plant and factory to deliver cutting edge solutions of matchless quality that stand the test of time.

Structural Fabrication work done by us comprises of:
- Plate fabricated columns, Beams
- Trusses, Purlin
- Girders
- Crane Gantry
- Boiler Structures
- E.O.T. Cranes
- Ducting, Bunkers, Hoppers
- Handrails

Structural steel fabrication has been ongoing at MISPL since its inception. From simple bolted structures to fully welded modules, we have everything made easy with nothing left to chance. Our facilities are equipped with all the necessary equipment to cut, saw, drill, punch and weld steel. When it comes to quality, we make sure that our filters are skilled and extensively trained which results in superior quality output. Additionally, our welders are tested and qualified up to the mark to ensure our work is always top quality. No matter, whatever be your requirement, we cater to your needs by first thoroughly understanding your requirements.
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